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John Mountain

Have you ever considered fertilizer? What is it about it that makes our plants, fruits and vegetables to grow hearty and healthy so that we can eat them, push them out and start the process all over again? What’s the magic ingredient in that sack that keeps Quite Contrary Mary’s garden growing? Could it be people?

100 Bloody Acres is the story of the Morgan brothers, Reg and Lindsay. These two are aware that if you want your pumpkins to grow as big as boulders that you have to add a bit of a ‘human’ element to your fertilizer. Traveling the roads, they take the bodies of the victims of auto accidents and grind them into mulch. That’s what we can assume happened to the Salvo six; the wreckage from the accident was found, only not the bodies. The brothers make no secret about what they do. It’s in plain sight on their truck and blasted over the airwaves in their catchy cum annoying ads: “We’ll fertilize you!”

The laughs come early and the blood is not far behind when Reg promises a ride to the music festival to Sophie, her boyfriend James and their mutual friend Wesley. Instead he takes them home to where his brother Lindsay awaits. Reg is the friendlier of the siblings; Lindsay has the personality of a stone and the temperament of a crocodile. Do the two turn the three into fertile ingredients or will there be a happier ending?

There’s not a lot of plot to 100 Bloody Acres. What made this movie fun are the complex relationships between both the Morgan brothers and between the three friends. Lindsay believes Reg to be weak and only good for pummeling and ordering about. Meanwhile, Sophie has James; she also has Wesley. James isn’t aware of Sophie and Wesley; when he finds out the truth hilarity ensues. Reg also likes Sophie which makes things even more complicated. Lindsay doesn’t like anybody except perhaps “Aunt” Nancy. I’m not even going to mention what we find those two doing-you’ll have to see that for yourself.

It’s been a long time since I saw a horror comedy that made me chuckle. 100 Bloody Acres does just that and many times. There are good movies, there are stupid movies and there are fun movies. The Cairnes brothers give us a film that is good, stupid fun with a bit of blood and gore for good measure. Add in a humorous cameo by John Jarratt and you will laugh the same as I did at 100 Bloody Acres out loud. I guarantee it.


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