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If you haven't given the show Hannibal a chance it's about time you changed that! It is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows after a long time of snubbing it for reruns of Breaking Bad. But I finally checked it out and I'm here to tell you why you should too! (don't worry, Breaking Bad will be there when you get back!)

The Cast

This cast is truly amazing and might even be one of the best in all of television. They all play their parts to a tee! Especially Mads Mikellson as Hannibal. He plays the part so well and so refreshingly new, he gives Anthony Hopkins a run for his money! That's seriously saying something! Hugh Dancy plays the Protagonist by the name of Will Graham who is out to catch the Chesapeake Ripper, a.k.a Hannibal, played by Mads . Lawrence Fishburne plays Jack Crawford, the F.B.I agent who originally recruits Will and drags him into all the craziness that is Hannibal.

The Writing

You may think you already know about Hannibal because you've watched a few movies, but I'm here to tell you to forget everything you thought you knew! This is a re-imagined version where anything can happen. You get a female Freddie Lounds, a black Jack Crawford, and a Hannibal that's nothing like Anthony Hopkins (in a good way). It's dark, it's creepy, and it keeps you coming back for more. With more twists and turns than a roller coaster ride at your favorite theme park, Hannibal will always keep you on your toes! Oh, and the cannibalistic puns are awesome!

The Cinematography

The show is visually stunning. From Hannibal preparing dinner that surely consists of human organs to Will fly fishing, everything is eerily beautiful as it tells the story. Even Hannibal's murders end up looking like a work of art!

Hannibal is a show you need to watch from the beginning and you can catch the entire first season on Amazon Prime. New episodes air Fridays at 10 pm on NBC.


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