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Some of you may have been lucky enough to have seen [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942) already. But for me and many others, we're still waiting for the film to open up in North America. This seventh installment of the franchise really sounds like it's going to be raising the bar in the X-Men world, and we do know that this new film is bringing together characters from all six movies to date. However, the biggest things I'm looking forward to is the new mutants we're going to meet. Bishop, Blink, Quicksilver, Sunspot, Warpath and probably a few others that are being kept under wraps.

We've already seen so many iconic characters in these films who have been rich, and deeply developed. Xavier, Magneto, Mystique, and Wolverine to name a few. Storm, Iceman, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Colossus, and Beast have had less screen time but have been handled wonderfully. However there have also been potentially great characters who have just fell flat, were misused, or dropped who really deserve some justice! Here is my list of those characters, ones that I hope with the future re-imagining of the X-Men universe, being re-written in DOFP, that should be done correctly a second time.


In the unfortunate movie adaptation of Leech the only thing they got right was that he was a young child. One thing I've always felt was missing from the X-Men movies was color. We have Mystique, Beast and Nightcrawler who are blue, and we got Azazel who was red but that's really as about as diverse as it gets. In the comics there were tons of different colors, shapes, and sizes. Even in X3 I always wished they'd shown more mutants of color and size in line for the cure - that would have been easy to do! Those would have been the mutants wanting the cure!

Anyway, I digress - Leech is supposed be a child yes, but a green deformed child as you can see depicted here. The child in the comics was an orphan, then adopted by human parents only to be left to die when his mutations manifested and an abnormally young age. What the movie got right was that Leech can dampen a mutant's powers when in close proximity but what I would really like to see is the scared, angry child who was abandoned and taught to hate himself coming to trust, be confident and learn to use his ability, and with this power he could go up against any of enemy by just dampening their powers, he has the potential to be such a powerful member of the team.


Like most of you I grew up on the X-Men cartoon, of which Jubilee is a main character, if not THE main character. She did appear in X2 and X3 but only as a cameo character with few lines and really nothing to do. For those of us that consider ourselves to be big X-Men fans we know that this is a disappointment. Even in the Wolverine films, it's disappointing that she never re-appeared so they could team up, a story line that would be coming right from the comics. He was the one to rescue her and bring her to the Xavier Institute where they form a sort of father/daughter relationship that we actually saw on screen with Wolverine and Rogue.

She also has close relationships with the villain Emma Frost who, at one point, was starting her own school called Generation X. Emma created this school with former X-Men member Banshee. Since Jubilee had formerly trained with the X-Men she is the most formidable and trained member of Emma's team.

Her powers in the comic are extremely powerful, she can project pyrotechnic blasts, and explosively charge certain objects. With these "fireworks" of hers she even took down the Sentinels chasing her in the premiere episode of the X-Men cartoon. Very disappointing indeed that we didn't get to see more of her in the movies. My hope is for a future version of her to show up in the announced Wolverine 3 or rumored X-Force film.


Juggernaut has had many different stories in the comic books since the 1960s. He's step-brothers with Xavier, but he's not even a mutant. In the movie he's portrayed as just a much a mutant as any other character but actually what gives him his power is the ancient ruby crystal called the Gem of the Cyttorak which gives the possessor superhuman strength, virtually unstoppable speeds, and a resistance to mind control with the helmet.

He does team up with Magneto, and a few other villains (including ones who fight Spider-Man) but eventually Juggernaut allies with villains to go undercover in the X-Mansion. This story line would have been very interesting in a film adaptation, we could have been introduced to Juggernaut as he joins the X-Men and over the course of the film we realize his true intentions in helping his buddies attack. In the comics when he does this Juggernaut makes friends with Squidboy, a young deformed mutant with the power to breathe underwater. He realizes he is much happier at the X-Mansion, and he truly defects, helping the X-Men defeat his former colleagues, partly due to his friendship with boy.

Much later Juggernaut and Squidboy are in the woods outside the Mansion and find other villains preparing to attack, these villains unaware that Juggernaut has defected enlist his help. Juggernaut pretends that he's been on the inside as a mole to these guys all along to gain their confidence, and Squidboy panics and in anger yells at his friend who he believes has betrayed and lied to him. The villains kill Squidboy in front of Juggernaut right then and there and he goes beserk, killing them all.

I think this would be an AMAZING story! Juggernaut defects in his first movie appearance, than at the beginning of his second film appearance THIS happens in the woods with Squidboy. With Juggernaut not even being a mutant the villains in the woods could just be simple religious purists that want to kill mutants. It would be wonderful to see such growth from a villain in one of the movies. The stories of the X-Men aren't about good versus evil like Captain America or even Spider-Man, it's about intolerance and growth in understanding others to get over the intolerance. Cheesy maybe, but what better way than redemption of a huge villain?


Out of all the original X-Men characters in the comics Angel has gotten the most limited screen time. His appearance in X3 was a glorified cameo, and despite appearing in posters and tons of promos for the film in the leather X-Men uniform he didn't wear one in the film. He has the most emotional scene early in the film as a young boy who has grown wings, but who is trimming them down with all sorts of knives and blades to hide it from his mutant loathing father. His eventual escape from Worthington Labs right as his father is trying to force the mutant cure on him is short, but another wonderful moment for the film. That's basically all he did in the movie though really. He did rescue his father from being thrown off the roof by Magneto's goons, and he did show up right at the X-Mansion after Xavier's funeral to give Storm the courage to say that the school would stay open. (Don't know why this one student did, and not the dozens of others who were about to be homeless, but his one line made her change her mind.)

I would really have loved to see his true origins played out in the movies. In his original debut he threw on a white robe to rescue people in danger at a dorm fire and spectators thought it was a heavenly messenger, giving him the name Angel. After several other heroic deeds he was recruited by Xavier and become an original X-Men member along with Cyclops, Jean, Iceman, and Beast.

Eventually Warren's wings are destroyed during a fight. Between his depression, and loss of purpose Warren attempts suicide, but is preserved by the villain Apocalypse who promises Warren his wings back if he becomes his new Horsemen of Death. He gains new blue skin (yup another blue character!), metal wings which also shoot sharp metal feathers, and the new name Archangel. He is controlled by Apocalypse and attacks his fellow X-Men. With the story line of Apocalypse coming in 2016 I just keep praying and hoping that somehow this part of the story will also make it to the screen. I can't think of a way that doesn't include time travel to make the time line work with Angel being in X3, but also still appear in the 80s timeline with the new cast. Apocalypse does control time, so it's possible but at the same time I'm hoping to leave time travel out of the stories after DOFP, it's too convenient and easy, I'd rather get something new and creative. If the Apocalypse movie takes place several years after DOFP, it's possible Angel would be a child and Apocalypse could accelerate his aging I guess. I just really want to see Archangel! I don't see how we can have the story of Apocalypse without Archangel as one of the Horsemen, he is THE original Horsemen of the X-Men villain. Please, PLEASE, bring him into it somehow!

Emma Frost

Emma appeared in both Wolverine: Origins and First Class. In Origins she appeared as a young girl who had been captured and she escaped along with Cyclops and others. She never used her telepathy, we only saw her diamond form. In First Class she was more of a main player, second to Sebastian Shaw, the main villain, but she still didn't really get very much to do. In the end she is rescued from prison by Magneto and joins his team, but something must happen to her between that and DOFP because we know she won't be appearing. Sad.

Emma has a really complicated history and background, she was a member of the Hellfire Club as the White Queen (they were all named after chess pieces) where she fights the Dark Phoenix and loses, manipulates Shadowcat's parents into sending her to the Xavier Institute, telepathically switches minds with Storm to attack the X-Men from within, creates a rival school with her own students, but the students are killed by Sentinels during an attack, she then follows Magneto to his Mutant Utopia in Genosha to teach only to be attacked by Sentinels again and she's one of few to survive. She is then rescued by the X-Men and finally takes up teaching at their school, and when Jean dies (again) she and Cyclops start their romantic relationship, then when Xavier steps down Cyclops and Emma become the Headmaster and Headmistress. In the comics she's become one of the core team. She's proven her worth as a hero and overcome her past as a villain. Another great redemption!

So you see there is a ton of things they could do with the character on screen, I hope eventually we get to see some of this explored. I'd really like to see Genosha, I'd really like to see the Hellions and a female rivalry between Emma and Jean could be exciting, and throw Cyclops in and that love triangle would be much more interesting than the Wolverine/Jean/Cyclops thing they tried. With having Emma in the 70s as an adult throws off the timeline, and doesn't let her and Cyclops be even close to the same age. She would be literally old enough to be his mother. Somehow I hope we get another version of her eventually. She deserves more than being forgotten as a second rate villain.

Jean Grey

It has been announced that she will be revamped for X-Men: Apocalypse in 2016 along with Cyclops and Storm. This is extremely exciting! I'm assuming as a child, and that could be fun to see!

In the comics Jean was one of the original X-Men and had been romantically involved with Cyclops almost from the start (depending on which continuity you're talking about). She's found by Xavier, and she's extremely, unordinarily powerful even as a child. Powerful enough that Xavier puts mental blocks in her mind, and over the years slowly releases them so that her powers feel more gradual and more manageable as she learns and grows up.

In the movie she's one of the leaders at the Institute, which is pretty cool. She even admits to Wolverine when they meet that she's still learning and Xavier is still working with her on developing her telepathy. At the end of X2, after her powers are getting harder and harder to control, she has no problem controlling her abilities long enough to keep the plane running and get it off the ground so everyone can escape, then she seems satisfied, and happy to be killed by the destructive tidal wave. In X3 Cyclops, angry and bitter about her death, shoots his optic blasts into the lake and she comes shooting out, and then kills him, beats up Wolverine, kills Xavier, joins Magneto, and is ultimately killed by Wolverine. In all the mess that was X3, Jean is the biggest problem in the film. if she had been handled correctly the rest of the problems wouldn't have been nearly so terrible.

In the comics Jean is the weakest member of the original X-Men until they wrote the Dark Phoenix story line for her, upgrading her powers after the X-Men came back from space and crashed. Jean came shooting out of the ocean, becoming the Phoenix. I wish we could have seen this done better in the film. In X3 when Jean comes out of the water we don't see her until she is standing in front of Scott.
This shot would have been awesome to see:

Eventually Jean becomes too powerful for her own good, uncontrollably devouring a sun for energy, killing the millions of inhabitants in that system. In a moment of clarity she kills herself scared she'll do something like that again. She's been resurrected several times, sometimes without powers too. Each time she is killed because she's too powerful and can't control the Phoenix parts of her.

She's an integral member of the X-Men, even if she's dead in current continuity, I'd like to see more of the cosmic parts of the Phoenix, the battle between Phoenix and Dark Phoenix. I think it could be handled better. With the possibility of a younger Jean coming back into the franchise I do think it would be fun to see the arrogant all powerful child that Xavier and Magneto first meet too.


It has been recently announced that Channing Tatum is picking up the deck of cards left on the table after X-Men Origins Wolverine. Not that I hated Gambit in Origins but he just didn't get any depth. The question of whether Tatum is the man to bring him to life again is a good question, but only time will tell. It still hasn't been announced as to whether he'll be appearing in Apocalypse or in a different X-Men film yet to be officially announced.

Gambit, in the comics, was actually introduced in 1990. He is a huge fan favorite especially for being a much "newer" character, when most of the "classic" characters have been around since the 60s or 70s. He was introduced when he found Storm, now de-aged and without her powers or memories. He cared for her until the Shadow King appeared and helped her defeat him. Storm then insisted that Gambit join her splinter X-Men team. He has been a regular character ever since. Gambit has a special relationship with Storm, a romantic relationship with Rogue, and a semi-rivalry relationship with Wolverine. He isn't as dark a character, but I would consider him an anti-hero, someone who isn't warm and cuddly or black and white like other heroes in X-Men. We could use more this diversity among the X-Men side.

In an alternate future, X-Men: The End, Gambit and Rogue are married with children and it's revealed that Gambit is actually a clone of long time villain Mister Sinister who has a huge connection to Apocalypse, he's his right hand man! It seems like a good bet that Gambit could very well be connected to X-Men: Apocalypse. Gambit was also drafted and brainwashed at one time into the Horseman of Death (like Angel had previously).


I know that Cyclops is also one of the new characters announced for the next X-Men film in 2016, and of course he was depicted by the wonderful James Marsden in the first three X-Men films. I can't deny Marsden's talent but I do feel like nothing worthwhile was written for him. In the first film he was around but only in the background, and during the final fight he was more caught up in prying off Toad's goo from Jean's face before she suffocated, there wasn't enough bad guys for him (or Jean) to fight. In X2 he was captured by Stryker and fought Jean for less than a minute before he came to and helped everyone escape. X3 saw hardly any of him doing anything but moping, crying, and riding his motorcycle and then *SPOILER* Jean kills him, which they do off screen. Unfortunately he just didn't ever seem to get a whole lot to do.

I know that some have said that Cyclops' powers just don't translate well to the big screen, and the writers just had a hard time finding a place in the stories for him, and that's true he kind of stands in the background and shoots stuff from his face, but I wish we could see Captain America style ass-kicking from Cyclops! Cap was amazing in his fight scene on the SHIELD freighter in Winter Soldier. Wouldn't it be AMAZING to see something sweet like this from Cyclops mixed with him using his optic blasts?

Cyclops is an integral part of the X-Men, he's more of a leader in the comics than Xavier since he's not in the field, and since the 2000s Xavier has pretty much been absent with Cyclops as Headmaster of the Institute.

I just don't know how I feel about seeing the child version of Cyclops, the kid learning to use his optic blasts afraid of his powers. The student Xavier rescues after he runs away from the orphanage, who is scared of girls and scared of a crush he has on Jean Grey. I feel like this is way too similar to the adult character we already saw in the original trilogy, he wasn't much of a leader, he was nervous about his powers and was constantly feeling inferior to Wolverine for no real reason (did Jean ever really show interest in Logan? What was Cyclops upset about?) He just always seemed more of a child to me than a leader or fighter. I wish we could have seen more of this character, and given him something awesome to do. I'm assuming we'll see a child version coming to the Xavier Institute in the future so I doubt we'll get to see this confidant leader, fighting character. Hopefully sometime. It would be the coolest version of Cyclops there is that's for sure!


This is probably the most angriest X-Men fans have been in response to something coming out of one of the movies. He's the worst part of Wolverine: Origins, and even though Origins was frustrating for many things the biggest complaint people will always have is how Deadpool was handled.

For those who don't know Deadpool is basically nothing like his film counterpart. Forget everything you saw in Origins about Deadpool and let me set the record straight:

  • His actual powers include: Immunity to telepathy, super-human healing, super-human speed, stamina and strength, DEVICES that allow for teleportation, swordsman and master of martial arts, and immortality.
  • He was experimented on and trained at a Weapon X facility, similar to Wolverine. A side effect of his experiments was terminal cancer which spread quickly but is fought off by his constant healing. This would go back and forth the cancer would spread, the body would fight it off leaving him with permanent scarring, and mental instability.
  • His character made his first appearance in 1991. Another of the few "newer" X-Men characters to be extremely popular so quickly like I mentioned above with Gambit.
  • He was originally a villain, and even though he had his own ongoing comic series he was still more of a villain than the anti-hero type, turning anti-hero, playing jump rope with that line of villain/anti-hero/hero. Which made for some complicated relationships with not only the X-Men but The Avengers, Spider-Man, Norman Osborn, and nearly every major player in the Marvel Universe.
  • And the most weirdest thing, and probably the most hardest thing to pull into a potential film, is that Deadpool is constantly breaking the fourth wall. He's always narrating to the audience and looking directly at them, this would mean that Ryan Reynolds would be looking into the camera, telling us jokes. That's a hard sell.

There have always been talks and rumors about a Deadpool movie flying around. The ending of Wolverine Origins eludes to a spin off with Reynolds as Deadpool, but nothing has come of it yet. The question is would Reynolds now be a part of it if they did?

A Deadpool movie could be really fun. Let's do a movie from the villain's perspective and make the X-Men, or other mutants, the villain. Let's have him misunderstand something pertaining to a mission he's on (or thinks he's on, due to his mental instability) and the X-Men are the enemy. Over the course of the film he could come to realize that he's wrong, and we could see him leave to explore more of the world. The other idea that I hear being thrown around is in the rumored X-Force movie introducing Deadpool from an alternate future along with Cable and Bishop. This seems more likely because we've kind of screwed up Deadpool in the current continuity.

I really do believe he's a character worthy of something better than his depiction in Origins though, and he's a fan favorite so he's definitely coming back, the question is just where and how!

Well that's my list. There are probably more, in fact I know there are but I wanted to keep my list down to a minimum. I don't want to seem like I hate the X-Men franchise. I actually love it, the biggest problem is continuity and consistent strong characters. It's unfortunate they didn't plan it out better.


Which character would you choose to reboot?


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