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“The Quiet Ones” (2014) Movie Review

Hi, this is horrorfan79 with a review on “The Quiet Ones”. I saw this one in the theaters this past weekend. If you are into supernatural and documentary style films this should be right up your alley.

“The Quiet Ones” is about an experiment conducted by a college professor and his team of merry students to prove that supernatural events are actually manifested by people with strong psychological powers and in essence can be “cured”. Their subject, a 17 year old girl with apparent schizophrenia. The film is “Based off of true events” being loosely related to the Philip experiment of 1972. It's always got to be scarey if it's true, right?

Jared Harris is phenomenal in everything he is in. It might have something to do with the glasses and the accent that always make him seem smarter than you, perfect for the role of the professor. Olivia Cooke also does a great job being the troubled, doe-eyed test subject. The film is a set in 1972 and does a great job capturing the time period.

I would have to watch it again in my home and actively nit pic through it to find any discrepancies so nothing obvious as someone pulling out a cell phone. I thought I would figure out the storyline of this film easily but they did a good job with plot twists. I also like the aspect of comparing religious experiences and paralleling them with science and reason. One part I did not like about the film is one particular scene that was in-your-face CGI. That part threw me off a bit from the supposed realism and the ambiance of the film thus far.

I normally don't go for the paranormal-type movies but I found this one enjoyable enough to rent once but not to buy (but don't let me discourage you Hammer Film fans from adding it to your collection). IMDb gave this one a 5.6. As always, I like to go slightly higher, rounding that number to 6 or a soft 7.


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