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Loads of people have views on them killing Stefan. I personally think its silly to kill off a main character like Stefan Salvatorem why not kill off a guest like Liv or Luke not one of the most important people in the whole program. What do you think of Stefan's death? In all of the series there has always been a thrilling end to it but do you think killing Stefan has gone too far? Loads of people have been left devastated including myself! Tell us what you think in the poll and the comments below. :)

  • would you still watch the show when he's gone?
  • will the show be as good without him?
  • will he come back like Alarik?
  • will he be a ghost?
  • will he disappear due to the other side falling apart?
  • will Enzo do something to him?
  • will Enzo make Stefan's life hell? ( makes sense since he killed him)
  • will he come back to the program?
  • will Elena save him?
  • will Damon save him?
  • will he be in for a shock on the other side?
  • will he be reunited with Lexi?


what do you think of them killing off Stefan from the vampire diaries


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