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Back in 1997 when 20th Century Fox was batting around ideas for a pre-Bryan Singer X-Men movie, the studio struggled to come up with an actor to play Wolverine.

Bob Hoskins (R.I.P.) was the first choice of scriptwriter Chris Claremont. The movie was to be produced by James Cameron and directed by Cameron's wife at the time, Kathryn Bigelow. Stan Lee, even went to Cameron to pitch the idea to him. Half way through the pitch, Lee dangled the possibility of acquiring Spiderman, a property Marvel had sold and resold the rights to many times (Carolco, Universal, Fox-- and ultimately to Sony). Bigelow's X-Men treatment went nowhere because studio executives where brain obsessed with Spiderman.

X-Men was resuscitated and pitched to Russell Crowe, who demanded too much money.

The studio then offered the role to Mel Gibson who was fresh off an Oscar win for Braveheart. The negotiations were serious enough to get to the concept art stage. That is when Miles Teves drew the above wonderfully awesome and screwy Mel as Wolverine piece. The portrait draws a lot on Gibson's fearsome feral qualities, only overdosing slightly on the application of body hair. Ultimately, Mel demanded too much money.

Dougray Scott was then hired but had to drop out because of reshoots on Mission Impossible 2. The role of Logan eventually went to a little know Australian actor, Hugh Jackman. I think he did OK with it.

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