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Mockingjay comes out November 21st and everyone is wondering where it will be spit. I do not know for sure but here I think it will be split in either of these 2 parts, post which one you think it will be in the comments. SPOILERS BELOW

1. I think a possible ending could be some time in district thirteen like Finnick and Annie's wedding or around that way. There is not much of a cliff hanger there but it is in an area that is easy to end it in. But as far as that goes who isn't going to go see these movies, i mean even for those who haven't read the book they where with it this far and they probably read the book just to see what everyone was talking about when they said "that scene with Peeta...omg" if not this is just my opinion and i agree with my next choice a bit more.

2. I could not find a picture for this one. For number 2 I chose where I thought was the most possible though number one would work. When finnick says "ladies and gentlemen" and Katniss finishes "let the seventy-sixth hunger games begin" because they figured out the capitol and its pods was like and arena the screen could go black and then you have that. good ending? tell me in the comments and no haters, this is my opinion and i would like to hear yours.


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