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  • Earlier this week I put together a blog post about the new cast of Star Wars Episode VII. I speculate who will be playing what roles and how they may relate to each other. You can read the full post here but here is a hint at what I'm thinking.
Will Adam Driver be playing Jacen Solo? 
Will Adam Driver be playing Jacen Solo? 

Now, we know that the expanded universe has been abandoned as "not canon" but I believe certain elements will slip through into the new canon. Similar to the way the name Coruscant made it into the mainstream Star Wars canon so too could the twins Jacen and Jaina Solo. And perhaps a certain Emperors Hand.

Mara Jade
Mara Jade

I'm not expecting Mara Jade to appear in the movie, in fact I think it'll work better this way:

Luke lives on the Lars Moisture Farm on Tatooine with his son, Ben. His late wife Mara's grave lay beside those of his grandmother, Shmii and his Aunt and Uncle...

I'm pretty sure Episode VII will find Luke in exile, with Leia and Han in more public roles. With a certain young Princess driving the action for the new trilogy of films. Head over to the blog and see what you think of my predictions for the new characters we will be getting, their potential names and the new, more age appropriate names for the original trilogy characters.

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By Marc Godsiff

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