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Back in April we gave you a look at artist Brian Taylor’s, AKA “Candykiller”, Ridley Scott series of prints. Good luck picking a favorite because they are all fantastic and we can’t WAIT until the final one, “Legend” is available.

UPCOMING print by Candykiller
UPCOMING print by Candykiller

Well to help us get through the “waiting” period Brian has just added a new print to his store and much like the Ridley Scott series, it’s exceptional. This time out he has embraced Director Paul Verhoeven’s 1987, cyborg cop film, “RoboCop.” As an ADDED bonus, fans of Candykiller should stay tuned to BLURPPY because he will also be releasing a sensational print for John Carpenter’s brilliant remake of “The Thing!”

CLICK HERE to see Candykiller's full print for "ROBOCOP" and to get a sneak peak at his "THE THING" print. Both are absolutely FANTASTIC!


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