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Though we probably won't get a fair look at the Hulk or any other Avenger until a teaser (hopefully) comes out at Comic-Con, the cast of [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) has been nice enough to provide us with a steady stream of set photos..

One of the latest was sent out by Mark Ruffalo (AKA the Hulk) on Instagram. As you can see, the upgraded facial effects are getting their use:

Of course, the image shows a stark (no pun intended) difference between the technology used for the original Avengers movie (seen in the article header) and the upcoming sequel. As we reported last week, the CGI legend Andy Serkis himself has been lending his talents to making the best onscreen Hulk yet, so there's plenty to be excited about.

But that's not all Ruffalo sent our way. Below is another behind-the-scenes photo he posted:

Of course, Mark isn't the only Avenger leaking secrets. Check out Robert Downey Jr's posted image of the Iron Man suit, along with an accidental shot of what appears to be the film schedule.



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