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Dean Pagliaroli III

People are hating on the newest instalment of the series for many reasons. Most are the same reasons they hated Spider-Man 3. This time around it isn't necessary. I'm gonna list a few reasons people don't like this film and my opinion on them.


1. Made Peter and Gwen's relationship important.

Many people have said they were disappointed by the fact that Peter and Gwen's love was a focal point of the plot. Yes, many of the scenes with just peter were devoted to Gwen and her going to England. It's important to feature those scenes so that we can remember, Peter is at his base, a human being. Yes, he does amazing things all the time, but he still has a life outside of Spider-Man.

2. Rhino Was Pointless

Yes, Rhino was in a very short scene. That was setting up future installments in the series. Marc Webb probably remembered the villain hate from Spider-Man 3. Rhino's scene was cool, it really set the mood for the future of the franchise.

3. Electro was contradictive and goofy

In the film, Max Dillon was a electrical engineer for Oscorp who designed a new Power Grid for New York City. He wasn't really noticed at all, so when Spidey saves his life, and essentially recognizes him for the first time Max believes he has a special connection with Spidey. After his accident with some Electric Eels he finds himself in Times Square and Spidey is there to help. A sniper takes a shot at Max now Electro and he snaps. This fuels his hate for the wall crawler. This made sense. He felt that Spider-Man was distracting him so the police could take him out. He thought his hero turned on him. That could drive anyone insane.

4. Peter and Harry's friendship was under-developed within the story

There were people who felt that after 8 years of not seeing each other Peter and Harry shouldn't be acting like best friends. They went for a walk and talked about the old times. THAT'S WHAT YOU DO WHEN YOU MEET UP WITH SOMEONE YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IN ALMOST A DECADE! You talk, go hang out, reminisce. It's not like they became roommates, and started working together. They just went a hung out.

Harry's laps of sanity didn't make sense.

So, in the film Harry becomes "evil" because Spider-man wouldn't give him his blood to save his life. I think anyone would go insane if they were going to die and someone flat out refused to help save their life, and then on top of that, Harry finds out that it was the guy who claimed to be his friend that refused to save him. That just throws him over board. It's clear the intention for the villains was for their to be a big feeling of betrayal on both sides.

5. Gwen's death scene

People have complained about it not being exact to the comics, or the poster used to represent it, or even the Web Peter shooting to save her looking like an out-stretched hand. Look, this scene was powerful. I cried. Peter realizes in this moment that his life comes with more personal risks than he earlier thought. He broke his promise to Captain Stacy and Gwen paid the price for that. This was probably the strongest scene in the entire movie.

6. The ending was rushed

After Gwen dies, the end of the movie comes very fast. It plays out with Peter quitting as Spider-Man, spending every day at Gwen's grave, because he knows that he failed her. After this he sees that Rhino is threatening the city. He realizes he can't sit back and let the people who believe in him suffer. He puts on the suit again and goes to fight Rhino. They fight for about 2 minutes and the movie ends. Now, this was done in my opinion to save the Spider-Man v Goblin fight as the main climax of the film. Rhino will be back, don't freak out.

7. Doesn't live up to the Super Hero hype of today.

[Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973) set the bar way to high for what people expect from Super-Hero movies. Spider-man isn't fighting a government agency corrupted by an evil organization, he's just fighting an evil organization, so chill out.

That's pretty much it. The film all together was a great experience, and it worked so well, continuing to connect everything to Oscorp and setting up The [Sinister Six](movie:1274281). While in my opinion it isn't better than Spider-Man 2 (2004) it's very close. It's definitely the most powerful and emotional Spider-Man film yet.


What did you guys think of the movie?


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