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Amy Martin

For this list I have included the Top 10 kills ( in my opinion! ) of Jason Voorhees. I haven't included any from the original movie or part 5, because well... they don't count! Tell me what you think of my choices in the comments! :)

10) Jason X ' Liquid Nitrogen '

9) Jason Takes Manhattan - Light headed!

8) The Final Chapter - Meat Cleaver to the face

7) Freddy vs Jason - Beheaded

6) Jason Lives - I don't think Jason can quite grasp the concept of paintball!

5) Part 2 - Wheelchair

4) Freddy vs Jason - Freddy! Although in my opinion, it was a tie because Freddy was still alive! ;)

3) Jason Lives - Caravan couple.

2) Freddy vs Jason - Trey! We don't feel too upset about this one, because Trey really wasn't the nicest guy.

1) The New Blood - You guessed it, the sleeping bag kill.

Obviously this is a list that is open to plenty of debate, so tell me what you think of my selection! Any that I've missed out that you would really like to see on here? Also, check out my ' Top 10 Freddy Kills ' article! :)


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