ByJohn Mountain, writer at
John Mountain

Directed by Sebastian Bartolitius

Written by Matthias Haag, Manuel Johnen, Nico Sentner

Ever since she was a child, Samantha Walker has had a recurring nightmare: she is a woman in an ancient monastery who is brutally murdered by a figure wearing a burlap sack as a mask. She sketches what she remembers and, with the aid of her psychiatrist Dr. Hoffman, discovers that the monastery exists. Traveling there to find answers to her dreams she meets new allies in Sasha, Melanie, Matthew and Jenny. She is stalked by a being known only as Sin Reaper; who eradicates sin by murdering those responsible, i.e. everybody; and who also holds the key to the connection between Samantha’s nightmares and the real world.

There are only two things that I liked about this movie. One would be the mask that the Sin Reaper wears and the cross mace that he wields. The rest of the costume is boring as hell but if you were to combine the two items with something a bit more exciting you could have the makings of an awesome cosplay. The other thing I liked was the beginning credits animation; even if it did look a little cheesy in places. That sums it up for any positive qualities I can accredit to this movie.

From start to finish, Sin Reaper is an absolute mess of a movie. The production values are lousy on every level. The editing is so choppy that it’s nearly impossible to coherently follow the story-line; there are flashback scenes that are filmed in the same lighting as scenes in the present time, making it difficult to distinguish between the two. The acting is so bad that I could imagine that the director, writers and producers went home at night, drank themselves into oblivion and/or cried themselves to sleep. Helen Mutch as Samantha has the range of a stale loaf of bread. Lance Henriksen as Dr. Hoffman has starred in so many Z-movies that he could use ‘Slumming It’ as a film credit. Of course it is always good to see him; however he brings nothing of value to the movie. Also, I couldn’t understand anything that Hazuki Kato was saying. I swear that at one point she says, “No ferking way.” What the ferk?

There is a certain pain to watching a bad movie and with Sin Reaper that pain has been taken to an entirely new level. I remember seeing a movie in 1994 entitled Gore Whore, about a re-animated prostitute. That movie made me feel like I was sliding down a razor blade naked into a tub of piranhas. I felt the same way as I was watching Sin Reaper; the only difference being that now the piranhas sparkled like Edward Cullen from Twilight.


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