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The one who started of the slasher craze in the late 70's, I give you the top 10 kills of Michael Myers! I know that you won't all agree with my list, so tell me in the comments below which Myer's kill is your all time favourite!

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10) Halloween 2 (1981) Scalpel. This is a case of someone who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, poor girl!

9) Halloween 2 (1981) Karen in the hot tub. Another one from Halloween II, this one goes to show that you need to make the effort to turn around and see that you're definitely talking to the right person!

8) Halloween (2007) Judith Myers. Now she wasn't the best sister, but little Mikey really dragged this one out.

7) Halloween (1978) Linda, death by telephone. This poor girl didn't have much of a chance, considering she didn't even realize it wasn't her boyfriend under the sheet.

6) Halloween Resurrection - Laurie! Now this one probably upset every single person who watched the film, because let's be honest - you just don't kill off the main character!

5) The Curse Of Michael Myers - Jamie Lloyd! Another upsetting one, not only did he stab her with the corn harvester, he shoved her into it harder and then turned the damn thing on. Now that's brutal!

4) Halloween II (2009) Nurse Daniels. Another one of those ' wrong place wrong time ' killings from the Halloween series, this poor woman was stabbed 10 times! Not sure what I think about the grunting noise Michael is making, because he's supposedly a silent character!

3) Halloween (1978) Judith. The first murder little Mikey ever commits, killing his older sister with a kitchen knife.

2) Halloween (2007) Danny Trejo, drowning in his own blood! Now this one actually brought a tear to my eye, but it goes to show that Michael really is pure evil! If you didn't feel a flicker of sadness during this scene, then you're clearly not human!

You'll have to excuse the little troll faces at the end, I didn't make the video lol

1) Halloween (1978) - Bob! Maybe Michael is tilting his head to the side because he can't figure out how he managed to get him to stick to the wall? Or maybe he's just wondering why he didn't yell out. Either way, this scene is probably one of the most classic in horror movie history, hence why it gets first spot.

I hope you enjoyed my article, and feel free to comment your favourite kill from the Halloween series below! Also remember to check out Freddy and Jason's Top 10 kills!


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