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Kite is a OVA anime made by Yasuomi Umetsu. It has noir-esque feel to it, and is known for its extreme violence, and explicit sex scenes. It has become loved by many people and has gain cult film status, and even got a sequel 10 years later(which Im not a fan of), and the movie is fantastic. The music is great. The action scenes are great. The writing and characters are good, and the animation is good, even though some people hate it, though I like the classic animation style that was known in the 90s, and late 80s. Directors like famous director Quentin Tarantino expressed his love for it, and recommended it to actress, Chiaki Kuriyama known for her roles as Gogo Yubari from Kill Bill VOL1. and Takako Chigusa from Battle Royale. Overall this is a very popular anime movie.

Well recently it is set to be adapted to a live action remake. Its staring Samuel L. Jackson, Callan McAuliffe, and Idina Eisley.

A trailer has been shown and it looks good, but Im not sure how to feel about it at all. The trailer looks ok, the clips were awesome, the cast looks good, and some of them are dedicated. Samuel L. Jackson did his research. He watched the original OVA, and read the manga. And the director has a short film career, but the movies he made were considered good. Im really not sure how to feel about this remake.

I wasnt a fan of the sequel, Kite Liberator. I liked how they referenced Sawa, and Akai. I enjoyed the new female lead, Monaka, and I enjoyed how they hinted she may have a dual-personality, or schizophrenia. Rin Gaga was a good character too. It had amazing animation, even better then the first. And there are some disturbing scenes in the movie. However there are two things two things I hated. One, which is obvious, the idiotic sci-fi subplot, with the stupid bone monster, that doesnt fit in the movie at all


Second is the movie never felt done. By that I mean the conflicts never felt finished or accomplished. The Bone Monster is still alive, and her manager was in league with the pedophile brothers, and Its obvious he is one.

Overall I hope the remake is good, and at least can be considered decent by major fans of the ova.

What are your thoughts on Kite, the sequel, and the upcoming remake? Leave your thoughts in the comments below

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Will Kite remake be good?


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