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Has Yoda gone to the dark side?

Here's an interesting idea for Star Wars VIII. Have the main characters meet their dark side equivalent in a parallel universe. A step in that direction is this fun series of Star Wars character art created by Nick Beery for Planet Pulp's May the 4th Art Show. It would be beyond awesome to watch Yoda battle his Dagobah Gremlin or Leia duke it out with her tattoo body equivalent or even good Ewok vs Wicked Wicket would be a visual blast. Nick Berry, an illustrator, runs Beery Method a full-service graphic, copy, illustration, branding and marketing development company that has offices in San Francisco, Chicago and Seattle.

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Wicked Wicket


Solo Froze Saving Luke

Skywalker Wampa Food

Louis Vui-Ton-Ton

Leia 2012- Forces of the Streets

Dead Bobba Fett-Retired Bounty Hunter

Chewy Master of the Duocorn


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