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Recently, the interwebs has been abuzz with news about the fates of several small-screen series. The CW's Supernatural, AMC's The Walking Dead, DC's Arrow and Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D have all been renewed, while Fox's Almost Human and NBC's Believe have both been cancelled.

Though, in the midst of some bad news and some good news for the shows already gracing the small-screen, there's also some huge news for the series to come, this fall. In particular, there's great news coming for fans of a certain chain-smoking, demon-hunting, Hellblazing sorcerer.

That's right, just a couple days after being green-lit for his own long-awaited, long-anticipated series this fall, we've already been treated to a first trailer, to whet our appetites for John Constantine's awesome occult adventures.

And to your delight and your undoubtedly-temporary satisfaction, it's no mere 50-second deal like some movies and shows give you. No sir, this one is a full 3 minutes and 14 seconds. Just have a look for yourself!

Now, as a disclaimer, die-hard fans will have to pardon this writer, for never having read a Hellblazer or Justice League Dark comic before. However, having seen the Constantine movie, something of a reference point exists there. This series looks to be of a similar (albeit slightly more light-hearted and darkly-humorous) tone, but with some differences which, after a bit of light research on this character, will be majorly satisfying to you all, the fans.

This time, Constantine's writers will have the benefit of teasing out the intense, exciting, strange, scary and mysterious details along the course of a TV series, which is always a plus for such a deeply complex character as this. And while they do seem to be playing toward a potentiality for the Apocalypse, that sort of thing seems to be on the verge of happening every other Monday on Doctor Who, so that sort of event is, by no means, jumping the shark.

Furthermore, that Apocalypse they seem to be playing towards is that which is brought about by some 'other' evil entity. Now, while others might overlook such a point, it is something of a duty for this writer, as a Christian, to point out just how wonderful that is. By not just throwing around the names Lucifer and Antichrist like a pair of second-rate tabloid celebrities, we can constantly build up from one level of mystery and suspense and action to another.

Because, let's all admit here, believer or not, it's sort of hard to mentally picture someone surpassing the Devil himself in terms of sheer evil. Not to mention, Biblical prophecy states that the Devil won't fail in bringing out the Apocalypse, so by slating other evil spirits for the attempt, it's still ironically pretty respectful to Christian faith for John Constantine to knock these guys down a peg.

So, what do you think? Are you excited to have John Constantine coming to the small screen on NBC this fall? Have you got high hopes for the tone, the actor portrayals and the plot progression? Let us know in the comments below!


Are you Feeling Optimistic for the Upcoming Constantine Series?


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