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With the news of a Marvel series coming to Netflix, I decided to make a fancast of who I would like to see play the heroes in the series. I enjoyed Dexter and thought Micheal C. Hall and Eirk King would be great for the roles as Daredevil and Luke Cage. They were great in Dexter. I also enjoyed Sarah Wayne Callies on The Walking Dead and has the right build for Jessica Jones. For my last pick, I thought Alex Pettyfer would be a good Iron Fist. Iron Fist is calm, but fierce in the comics. Alex has that look to him. Again this is who I would like to see. Have other people in mind? Comment below! Leave out insults, don't like mine add some of your own. I'm willing to hear other ideas.

Micheal C. Hall as Daredevil

Erik King as Luke Cage

Sarah Wayne Callies as Jessica Jones

Alex Pettyfer as Iron Fist


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