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Outfits, dances, memories, love, heartbreak, and romance all happening in one two-hour episode of Once Upon A Time. Let's begin because this journey was incredible!

Where do we go from here?

The episode starts with a glimpse of a young Emma in an orphanage, she sees another girl gets adopted and feels she will never find a home.

Emma, all grown up in Storybrooke, is looking at her parents with her little brother. She feels like an outsider, and then Henry comes in! Her son tells her that he has found an apartment for them. She doesn't tell them what she thinks and changes the subject. Hint: She really wants to go back to New York people!

In another part of the town, Regina and Hood are celebrating that her heart is back, and stronger than ever! She tells him about Tinkerbell playing match-maker with her but how at the time she wasn't brave enough to meet him. He also tells her about how when his wife died he though he'll never love again, and how much he missed her until he accepted she was gone. They kiss, and kiss and celebrate their love.

In another romantic place of the town, Gold is at his shop hiding his dagger, safely away from everyone. And Belle comes in with the fake one! She tells her about how the dagger is too powerful, and she doesn't want to carry it around. But he tells her to instead of thinking about that, they should plan their wedding. And then cut to Granny's! A coronation, sorry, a celebration is taking place in order to announce the name of the baby. Henry is reading the newborn the story of their family. How his parents meet and how they feel in love. They mention how at first their parents didn't confess their feelings, and Hook mentions how much mother and daughter are alike. Suddenly everyone is turning on Emma. Regina, David, Mary and Henry question Emma about what she wants to do, and why she is still planning on going back to NYC. She doesn't answer and runs away.

Hook catches up with Emma, and she confesses how she has run away since she was a kid and how she never felt like she was home. Hook shows her the book and tries to convince her to stay.

Meanwhile, the town has noticed the impressive big portal light that appeared in the middle of the sky (since the beginning of the episode) because Henry happened to look up! Mr. Gold already knows about it and says Zelena's plan activated. The team minus Snow White and Henry go to the police station and find the tape that shows what actually happened to Zelena, but magically Rumpel changes the tape, and it now shows that Zelena converted herself into porcelain and self-destructs. That's how they think the portal got activated!

Of course, no one should go closer to that portal, but hey! That might be something Emma didn't realize, because the first thing she does when she notices the light while talking to Hook is walk to Zelena's barn, open the door and fall through the portal. All in a minute! The only best line that comes out of this action is Hook saying to himself that he has to stop going after Emma! LOL.

Now to the Past!

Emma is Marty McFly! She actually says so when they realize they are back in the past and they talk about how they are suppose to go to the future. They come to the conclusion that they need a wizard! They need to talk to Rumpel. But first things firsts. They need to blend in and to do that is important to show Emma's cleavage. A lot of cleavage! Hook likes that look.

They start their journey by hiding when Regina's carriage comes to town. She has a prisoner and she declares all who hide Snow White will face death, just as her prisoner. Emma tries to mess with the past trying to break the prisoner free, but Hook is the voice of reason of this pair, and he demands her to stop.

Emma and Hook continue their journey when a carriage comes up behind them. It's Charming's and Abigail's carriage. Emma realizes they are back to the moment where their parents meet, and she's excited! She's so happy that she breaks a branch of a tree and trows the whole plan that got their parents to known each other to the drain!

Yep, Emma ruins her future. Everybody clap your face and make a douh! sound. Emma has changed their parents future. When they find Rumpelstilskin is the first thing he tasks them to fix. Get the present (well, his present back on track). Of course it took some convincing, because first thing that Rumpel wanted to do was choke the life out of Hook. Until Emma told him about Balefire and how he will find him in the future (of course avoiding to mention that his son dies in the future, a moment of silence for Neil).

Emma and Hook find out that Snow is looking for a passage out of town, and she has talked to Blackbeard, but he wanted more money. Hook has an idea, to get Hook's help!

Well, not exactly his help, but using his ship, the past version of the captain will be able to talk to Snow and tell her about the ring. Steeling the ring is her passage to freedom. So now all they have to do is sneak to a ball.

And thanks to Rumpel's patented Fairy God Mother designs, he gets Emma and Hook in two beautiful outfits, Emma in a gorgeous red outfit and Hook finally, finally in a change of clothes!! Isn't that the most amazing thing! He wears a different outfit!

OK, so now with their fresh new outfits they squeeze to the party and use their alter-egos. Prince Charles and Princess Lei are at the ball, where they keep track of Charming and Snow, who is raiding the castle to find the ring. Fortunately all goes as planned. Snow meets Charming in the chamber where she is finding the ring and their dialogue is almost the same. Even the "I will find you" deal! It's on, it's on like back on!

Almost out of the woods, but one of Regina's guards has Snow on sight and is about to shoot at her, so Emma tackles him. It's on the floor that she notices Snow didn't took the ring. So Hook takes care of the guards while Emma in her Leia costume goes to find Snow, but she doesn't get very far. She's captured by Regina's men.

So she's put in a cell with another woman, the girl from before who Regina captured because she didn't reveal Snow's location. Emma contemplate her latest hours because they are going to die the next day.

Flashback to 2001

To begin the second episode we get to see Emma in her teenage years, when she was with Neil. They sneak into a carnival and take a ride in one of the games. (Is nice to see Neil is back for a while). They talk about what home is, and how you know you were home. When you miss the place that was home. It's all a beautiful scene and is gorgeous to see Emma and Neil together if it's at least for just a moment.

Operation "Fix the Future"

While all is back on track in the Enchanted Forest with Snow and Charming playing their game of love. Hook has another mission to accomplish. Since Emma it's been captured he interrupts Charming's and Snow's flirting and informs them that 'his princess' has the ring Charming wants, and that the princess is at Regina's palace. Snow thinks that's easy! they'll sneak into the castle, because you know is her castle.

They go and then Charming and Hook or Charles wait for Snow's signal. That is Red! Yes Red is back and comes to the rescue showing her wolf-y powers! She shows them the entrance and how to get to the cells. But Emma is already out. No rescue for this princess, she knows how to rescue herself. There is only one little problem in that setting.

Emma being such a good hearthed, kind person, couldn't leave the other woman in the jail, so now they have to take her to the future, you know when they can manage to get to the future.

While the group is escaping the castle, Snow has managed to get to Regina's chambers, and she tries to use the dark fairy dust on her, but since this Regina is as evil and dark as night she avoids it and captures Snow, the princess will die that night!

Regina takes Snow to the center of the castle were she ties her to a pole, and with everyone watching (but unknown to her) she throws a fireball to Snow and apparently kills the princess without anyone being able to do anything about it.

Emma and co, are out in the forest now, where she cries for her mother's death, but... is she really death? As Emma points out, she is still there, existing. And as we all know when you parents are killed or out of the path to love each other, then you start vanishing from existence! When they are debating where is Snow a very annoying ladybug messes with Hook and he's ready to squash that bug when Charming stops him. He remembers every work coming out Snow's lips about how the dark fairy dust converts the person into a very... disposable form.

Snow-bug calls for the Blue Fairy who turns her to her real self, and Emma is so happy she's alive that she hugs her, but of course Snow doesn't know who this stranger is, so she does not reacts to her future daughter's hug.

Everyone is on their way, Red vanishes and the strange women who isn't willing to share her name is wanting to go back to her family. But of course she can't. Emma and Hook explain how they need to take her back to future, but of course, when someone tells you they want to take you to the present, of course! why not? I mean why wouldn't you trust Charles and Leia. Well, because this woman is smart she doesn't want to go with them, so they kidnap her. It was really her choice you know. She basically told them to kidnap her.

Charming realizes then that Snow stole the ring and he goes off to find her. Which means Emma and Hook have to follow, because they are heading to the troll bridge were they will fall in love if Snow can save him from the trolls... with the dark fairy's dust... which... she doesn't have... anymore.

So off they go again to try to help, or to avoid messing things up even more. But they don't need to interfere, just as it happened the first time, Snow and Charming save each other and fall in love just out of the troll's bridge, vowing that they will find each other... and of course we know they will.

Emma cries when she sees their parents fall in love, but their future is sealed, their marriage is back on the Fairy tales book. All is good with the world, past and future.

Finally they arrive to Rumpelstilskin's castle where Rumpel sadly tells them that he can't activate the portal, only someone with magic that travels through the portal can do it. So to avoid changing his future he will drink a potion to forget about their time together and will put them in a vault where all the magic he doesn't not understands.

Emma is finally sad about not going home, to her parents, and she says to Hook that she at last understands that home is Storybrooke, where she is loved and she loves it there. That's what she needed to do to activate the portal! Her magic is back and they can go. Finally!

Hook and the woman jump through the portal first, and Emma is up next, but she is stopped by Rumpel. He demands to know more about the future, but even when she tells him the whole deal, Neil finding him, forgiving him and they dying she urges him to drink, forget and let Neil die a hero.

Rumpel does as she requests, and lets her go. He drinks and he also forgets.

Back to the Future!

Finally they are back home!

Emma and Hook are back in town where Emma rushes to her parents and hugs them, also giving everyone the good news. They are staying in town!

Finally is 'The Lion King' moment of the night. Charming and Snow are about to announce the name of their little prince. They though of giving a name that had value to everyone and that name is Neil. Meet Princess Neil. Everyone of course cries upon hearing this, including Rumpel.

And talking about Rumpel, Bella and fiancee decided to keep the weeding very low profile, just a couple guests, literally. At night the sneak into the forest while she's wearing her most vintage outfit to date and they are married by Archie, who apparently besides psychologist is also revered, minister, or fairy tale ordained something. Belle and Rumpel swear on their love that they will be with each other forever, but of course Rumpel will keep a few dirty little secrets from his wife, like... hmmm let's see. One, killing Zelena; Two: giving her a fake dagger; Three: hiding the real dagger. You know, not very important information to tell your wife.

And while this is happening everyone else is celebrating love, this includes Captain Swan. That's right, this ship is full on track tonight. Emma is happy to be back in town and thanks Hook for having found her. He confesses that he ditched the crew to succumb to the curse while he drove away in the Jolly Roger, and that then he is no longer really in need to be called 'Captain' because he traded the Jolly Roger for one of the very few magi beans left. That's how he got to New York. Emma is so incredibly shocked that he traded his ship that she engulfs in a full make-out session with the pirate.

Not so fast love!

As I said, all is good in the world, Regina is walking to Granny's with Robin and Roland and Emma is trying to help the young woman to accept her new reality in the future, when she spots the Evil Queen. Of course she's no longer evil, but before any introductions can be made, someone else in the dinner recognizes the female time traveler companion of Hook and Swan! Get ready folks... for those who say the episode this is no news, she was seen episodes before, as the wife of a merry men. She is Marion, the wife of Robin Hood. And he is quite happy to see her! I wonder... what about Regina!? She is just standing there watching as Robin reunites with his wife and how the child reunites with his mother, all while of course blaming Emma for this. Although this time the decision wasn't made by a child, like when Snow White told on her to Cora. No, this time is a decision made by a full grown 30 year old woman. Emma messed with Regina's happiness and this will be a very important topic to deal with going into season 4.

Is the next stop Arandelle?

To conclude the episode there's one more thing left to say. Emma and Hook didn't came back quite alone. As the creepy alien in the egg that is brought back to the ship, the duo brought an unexpected passenger, it seems to me that without a doubt the blue figure that came out of the vase is none other than Elsa, the Ice Queen. And this might mean that we are going to Arandelle next season.

Well done Once Upon A Time, next season we have our hashtag ready that's right.

And this is how it ends the third season of this magical show. I'll be ready for the next one, if they could hurry up and start now, it would be perfect! But ok. We will have to wait for months and moths to finally get our Once back on!


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