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The season finale of OUAT was spectacularly planned out. Swan and Hook get sucked into Zelena's portal and end up stuck in the past. Everything is beautifully done in this two hour season finale, filled with sword fighting, action, and love. Hook and Swan together have to not only make sure Charming and Snow fall in love, but also figure out a way home. Really, it was perfect! And here I was, watching as OUAT shows us all the happy couples in the last five minutes. I knew something bad was going to happen. And when it did happen I thought the twist with Marion would bring a nice conflict to next years season. Honestly, I loved every second of this season finale... until the last 5 seconds of the show when our new possible villain is revealed.

[Frozen](movie:411685)... Queen Elsa.... SERIOUSLY? Is anyone else Frozened-Out? I feel like Frozen is taking over the Universe. And I'm not saying the movie is bad, I LOVED the movie Frozen. But the over playing of "Let It Go" on the radio, the over-popularity of the entire movie which has been exploited ALL over the internet and tv, the fact that it's being made into a sequel (not sure how that's going to work), it's being made into a musical, and I don't think a day goes by without some young child I encounter singing a Frozen song or making some sort of Frozen reference. I wouldn't be surprised if they make a cartoon out of it. And now the entire story line is coming to Once Upon A Time.... I feel like someone is taking a movie and story I like and enjoy and is forcing me to experience it several different ways without enough time lapse in between. My world is being consumed by Frozen.

Enough is enough!

I am Frozened-Out!

Anyone else disappointed with the new character/possible villain? Leave your comments below!


What do you think of Queen Elsa being in OUAT?


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