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Becca Castillo

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Stefan is like glue. Even on his bad days, even when he's the Ripper, somehow he manages to keep everyone together. Whether it's because they are fighting to save him from his darker self, or because he's just a good guy. I feel like without him... things will fall apart.

Last week I merely joked about the possibility of Stefan dying, really, I didn't think it would happen. [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) has surprised me yet again. As we draw closer to this weeks season finale I can't help but wonder if Stefan's death is permanent. At the end of last week's episode he asks Bonnie if she has found a way to bring them all back. When Bonnie says no, Stefan grabs on to Bonnie and disappears, obviously traveling to the other side. A wise move on TVD would be to explore what's happening on the other side. But even then, Stefan could still be gone (permanently) once they fix it.

So the real question is: is Stefan dead for good? Stefan is a huge part of the Vampire Diaries franchise, and I don't feel like it's wise to remove such a fantastic character from such a hit series. However... with Stefan's death there is a possible catalyst for disaster. Stefan is like the glue of the Vampire Dairies Brady Bunch. If Stefan really is dead for good, it will be interesting to see what happens to the goodness in all the people he has kept together. And Stefan's death is just one death.

Remember, we were promised multiple deaths.

Who else is going to die?


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