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So far we've had Freddy vs Jason, Puppet Master vs Demonic toys, Alien vs Predator, Aliens vs Predator Requiem + many more. Crossover horror movies have a lot of potential, and often bring in a large profit after millions of fans the world over have flocked to the cinema to see their favourite on screen villains go head to head in an epic battle.

As horror fans, we want more battles! So here I've made a list of the top 5 ' vs ' horror movies that we all would love to see happen!

5) Pinhead vs Pennywise. The lord of the hell vs a demonic shape shifting demon? Now that would be awesome!

4) Chucky vs The Leprechaun. 'Let's face it, a killer who's under three feet tall is hardly intimidating...unless you're under three feet tall, too.' Now I can't see this as much of a horror, but maybe more as an awesome black comedy.

3) Michael vs Jason. Wondering why this isn't higher on my list? Well think about this, there wouldn't be too much in the way of dialogue would there? Then again, maybe we could just have an awesome rock / metal soundtrack instead. I suppose that would be better than having a silent movie!

There was actually a really great fan made ' Friday The 31st ' video which was made some time ago, which I've added below.

Terrordrome 2014
Terrordrome 2014

2) Freddy vs Michael. I can't even begin to imagine how awesome this would be! Two of the most infamous slashers of all time, going to head to head, I would be literally sprinting to the cinema!

1) Freddy vs Jason Part 2! Now if you're a Jason fan, Jason won. If you're a Freddy fan, Freddy won. Yeah, he was decapitated, but how many times has Freddy come back now? Personally, I would love to see a second round! I was a bit upset with the story line of this movie, because lets be honest - Jason would be in his watery grave if those teenagers hadn't been helping him out!

I'm sure we'd all also love to see a Freddy vs Jason vs Michael but unfortunately it'd be a difficult one to make, with all the story lines tying into each other and still making sense.

I'd also love to see things like the original Michael Myers versus the 2007 Michael Myers, Original Freddy vs remake Freddy, Original Jason vs remake Jason etc etc, but there's no way of even having a story line there! Time traveling slashers? Hmm no I don't think that's a great idea.

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