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Tyler Marmino

At the beginning of May a picture surfaced on the internet of this Iron Man suit. Robert Downey Jr, the uploader of this image, is known for doing outlandish or off-the-wall things, so it's not out of character for him to leak a set image of the new Iron Man armor his character may have. And look, there's even a sign that might say "Tony Stark" behind it! Oh, what's that you say? A filming schedule for the new Avengers movie on the right-hand side of the image? Oh joy! This must be a sign of progress for character development in the "Iron Man department!"

Unfortunately for Avengers fanatics, the aforementioned 'clues' hardly hold up. Yes it is very likely that the sign with gold lettering says "Tony Stark" right behind this supposed new Iron Man suit. But there really is no solid evidence proving that the whiteboard calendar on the wall is actually any sort of schedule that is pertinent to the new [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035). The lettering is all very blurry and too small to read, so unless someone can enhance the photo to properly display the true text (and not alter the text to create some fake Internet hype), people will never really know what is written on said whiteboard.

The biggest part of this image, of course, is the supposed Iron Man suit that is in the center of the image. Sitting right behind the head of the suit, though, is a dead giveaway that this is not a full suit. That hanging lamp provides an enlightening scale to the armor, showing that it is actually no larger than a decent-size action figure or small display- much like ones you would see adorning the shelves of a comic book store. Of course, it could be that this is just a small-scale version that the developing team is using to tweak the design before they start moving on to full-scale suit creation. Right? Wrong, people- wrong. Upon a simple examination, it is quite easy to tell that this is just a small figurine depicting the MKIII Iron Man suit, which can be found in the first Iron Man movie featuring RDJ.

Pack up your hype bags, Iron Man fans- this is nothing but an image prominently displaying the classic and beloved MKIII armor. There's no spoilers to be had here.


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