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Courtroom drama makes it's way to Westeros. After having a few lackluster episodes of Game of Thrones the show certainly stepped it up with it's sixth installment of the fourth season. The main conflict being Tyrion Lannister's (unjust) trial.

If there were any doubts that after the events of the Purple wedding this season had started getting boring they can all be nipped in the bud. Sure, the first half of the episode had a very slow feel like the past few episodes had but once the story comes back around to King's Landing you can't take your eyes off the screen.

Here is my review of "The Laws of Gods and Men". Spoilers if you haven't seen every episode of Game of Thrones up through the latest episode!

Now that Game of Thrones has crossed over the mid-way point of this season. What were some moments that were your favorites of the first half of season 4?

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What was your favorite moment from episodes 1-5 of this season?


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