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We're only just getting close to the release of the eagerly anticipated X-Men: Days of Future Past, and already we have at least two more X-Movies to look forward to. X-Men: Apocalypse and the next Wolverine sequel are set for release in 2016 and 2017 respectively, and from the sounds of Hugh Jackman's latest interview reveal - they may well be filming back-to-back, with him starring in both.

Asked by Collider whether filming The Wolverine and X-Men: Days of Future Past close to back-to-back (with only Prisoners in between), and whether that level of proximity is too much, Jackman had this to say:

No, in a weird way that has crossed my mind if that’s the way things play out, because physically, even though I was complaining about it because I found out about [X-Men: Days of Future Past] a month before I finished The Wolverine, so I was already planning on my cheat meals. It’s much easier because it’s tough to get there, physically, but once you’re there, it’s easier to maintain it.

Which make it sound as though Jackman is very much on board - and more importantly, that he's very much a part of X-Men: Apocalypse.

Producer Lauren Shuler Donner confirmed the possibility of back-to-back shoots, though wasn't drawn out on the question of Wolverine's presence:

"Well, we announced Apocalypse to come out in 2016, so that means we have to shoot next summer. And then we’d have to shoot our new Wolverine movie either before or after that. I think after because it will come out after."

What do you guys think? Will we be seeing Jackman in X-Men: Apocalypse? Let me know below!




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