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Colm S. Herron

In new clip from the upcoming Sci-Fi Jupiter Ascending there is some short exponential dialogue explaining a pair of 'Gravity Boots' with Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis.

Check it out below:

I think it's fair to assume that Channing's line 'up is hard, down is easy', is setting up some action scene later in the movie; like Stallone's flying bike in Judge Dredd or Riggs' sniper ability in Lethal Weapon.

Other than that this is a fairly pointless, beautifully shot, promo clip.


So, do you think this movie is going to be an alternate version of The Matrix with a female lead, or will it offer something fresh and new?


Gravity Boots or Power Laces?

Image source: TechRadar ComicBookResources

Source Article: ComicBookMovie


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