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It's May, and that can mean only one thing - it's time to start saying goodbye to some of our favorite Network shows.

This years round of cancellations has thrown up relatively few surprises, but there are still some big names and veteran shows that we sadly won't be seeing next season.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Believe, Almost Human and The Tomorrow People - all expected to be break-out hits - are to go, with varying degrees of fanfare. Wonderland will survive in part, with some elements being spun back into it's parent show Once Upon a Time, notably Michael Socha's Knave of Hearts, who's set to make the move to Storybrooke next season.

Big name comedies are going, too. Sophomore The Neighbors leaves our screens, as does Raising Hope after four seasons. Cult hit Community hasn't made it to a surprise sixth season, nor has Trophy Wife found it's way to a second. This year also saw the early loss of several star-vehicles, with Super Fun Night, The Crazy Ones, Sean Saves the World and The Michael J. Fox Show all failing to make it to the fall. Suburgatory, the third-season veteran, though recently cancelled by ABC, is reportedly in talks to continue on another network, so may yet survive.

The full list of cancellations by Network is below:


The Assets, Back in the Game, Betrayal, Killer Women, Lucky 7, Mind Games, Mixology, The Neighbors, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Suburgatory, Super Fun Night, Trophy Wife


Bad Teacher, The Crazy Ones, Friends with Better Lives, Hostages, Intelligence, We Are Men


Almost Human, Dads, Enlisted, Raising Hope, Rake, Surviving Jack, The X Factor


Believe, Community, Crisis, Dracula, Growing Up Fisher, Ironside, The Michael J. Fox Show, Revolution, Sean Saves the World, Welcome to the Family


The Carrie Diaries, Star-Crossed, The Tomorrow People

What do you guys think? Have the Networks made any big mistakes? Lost any favorite shows? Let me know below!


Which cancelled show are you most unhappy to be losing?



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