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After a mild scare with skin cancer late last year, Hugh Jackman has had to go under the knife once more. Back in November the X-Men: Days of Future Past actor went through an operation to remove a basil cell carcinoma from his nose and this weekend he was back in hospital with just the same. Jackman took to Instagram and Twitter with a photo of his patched up snout to kindly remind his followers of the importance of regular check ups, and of sunscreen too.

Jackman reportedly only had the small spot checked out thanks to some well meaning nagging from his spouse Deborra-Lee Furness. These basil cell carcinomas are said to rarely prove fatal but this is still a good reminder to not be so stubborn with our bodies, and to keep an eye out for ourselves and for our loved ones too.

Jackman, as ever, comes across as quite the gent. Feeling the same? Show some love in the comments below.

X-Men: Days of Future Past will finally hit theatres on the 23rd of May

Look after yourselves folks, and remember to sunscreen up!



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