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You can tell just by looking at him that Ian Somehalder is a right mom charmer! He would totally help with carrying the groceries in from the car and always make sure to throw a compliment when it was needed. In fact, I'm sure his girlfriends mom have been just as in love with him as their daughters!

[The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) actor wasn't just content to extend his love and good wishes to his own mother on U.S. Mothers Day (May 11th), he also gave a shout out for every mother in the world. Bless his cottons!

Somerhadler also had a message for some very special mothers out there who are having the most difficult Mother Day of their lives. The actor stepped behind high profile figures such as Michelle Obama and urged everyone to spare a thought for the mother of the kidnapped Nigerian girls.

Ah Ian, when it comes to soppy occasions, you never disappoint. Maybe their should be a national The Vampire Diaries fanatic day so you could send us all our own personal message of love. Just a thought!

Do you think Ian Somerhalder must be the world's most wonderful son?


Ian Somerhalder would be the ________ son!

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