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John Carney brought Dublin street busking to the world with Once back in 2006. That story managed to win the hearts of millions- including a certain Steven Spielberg- and went on to garner both off-Broadway fame and Academy Award glory. Strangely, the director has been flying under the radar since but that might all be about to change this summer when Begin Again is released.

Previously titled Can A Song Save Your Life? (no, we don't blame them for changing it either), the film opened in TIFF last year to some decent reviews. It stars Kiera Knightly as the ex of a rising star (played by Maroon Five front-man Adam Levine) who, through heartache, finds a voice- and a manager/potential lover interest (Ruffalo)- of her own. Check out the new UK trailer below:

We see some potentially cringe inducing stuff on the cards here- Mark Ruffalo getting "into it" at Knightly's gig is certainly a prime culprit for that- but it does look well made and besides, since when have these sorts of trailers ever shown any interest in subtlety and all that. We'll give Carney the benefit of the doubt, for now at least.

Are you happy to see another ambitious effort from the director? Tell us how you're feeling below.

Begin Again hit's theatres on the 4th of July

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Will you be forking over the cash too see it?


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