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We still have many walker-free months to endure until The Walking Dead returns to AMC, but the good news is filming on Season 5 is now underway in Georgia.

Cameras are currently rolling on location at Terminus and thanks to fan-site The Spoiling Dead Fans, we've got our first look at the set as well as a brief description of what's been going down.

Posted on their Facebook page was this teaser update:

Filming at Terminus today! Walkers, explosions & Termites oh my.....

Oh my indeed. I wonder who it was that was exploding. Maybe it was this bunch of undead flesh-eaters?:

Walkers just hangin' around
Walkers just hangin' around
Chair Walker
Chair Walker

The site also reported that residents in the area have received letters warning them of explosions during filming and a tank was also spotted near the set.

I'm starting to seriously think about selling up and heading down to GA. Sounds like it's about to kick off.

What do you think is the cause of the explosions at Terminus? Hit me up in the comments below.


Season 5 is going to be...


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