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The Walking Dead recently added another Wire alum to it's roster, recruiting Seth Gilliam for Season 5. While he's "officially" been slated to star as Michael Todd, many fans - myself included - think this is a cover, and GIlliam will actually be playing Father Gabriel Stokes - one of the most influential - and unhinged - characters from the comic book source material.

So to get you prepared for the arrival of the holy man - and to give you some cool facts you can show off to your buddies - here's everything you need to know about Gabriel Stokes.

Warning: there be spoilers this way.

  • Gabriel Stokes first appeared in Issue 61 of the comics, meeting Rick and the group travelling on the road after they'd escaped the Governor's attack on the prison.
  • On the show the group is trying to bust out of Terminus and head to Washington DC, so it's logical to assume they will run into Stokes on their journey north.
  • Before the world went to shit and the dead began to roam the earth, Stokes was the reverend of a local community church in Georgia.
  • However, Stokes is not as pious as he seems. He confesses to Rick that he turned away survivors during the early days of the zombie outbreak and listened to the screams of the dying men, woman and children as they were ravaged by walkers outside the church walls.
  • The church later becomes a target for a different group of flesh-eaters: the Hunters. Rick and the group become prey, with Dale getting kidnapped and losing a leg to the cannibals.
  • Stokes is forced to join a search party to track down the Hunters. When they are found, Rick brutally tortures and murders them in front of the reverend. When Stokes expresses outrage at the act, Rick tells him he was no better when he turned away the helpless survivors from his church.
  • On the show, there's a chance Stokes is the person who took Beth from the funeral parlor - the car that drove off with her in the trunk sported a crucifix.

With filming now underway on The Walking Dead Season 5, we should start seeing more casting updates in the coming weeks. Stick close and we'll keep you updated on all things zombie.


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