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Could Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher be relegated to supporting roles in Star Wars Episode VII, while Harrison Ford's Han Solo gets to save the universe once again? Well, if rumors reported by Entertainment Weekly are to be believed, they very well might be. The word from EW is that:

Han Solo won’t just be a walk-on. While Hamill and Fisher will boast strong supporting parts, Ford will join three of the young stars as one of the leads in the story, according to several sources close to the film.

Which suggests that Abrams has cut down on Luke and Leia's roles in the movie, certainly from the level that was suggested by early script buzz. Could this be a result of the recent casting announcements pulling the story in a different direction, or was Han playing a leading role a requirement that only Ford of the original cast made? Could it even suggest a detail of the plot, with siblings' role in the plot taking them in a different (more Jedi-based) direction to that of Han?

Either way, it's a big question: Would Star Wars be the same without the central trio of Luke, Leia and Han? Let me know below!


Would Star Wars Episode VII be weaker without all three of the original leads in central roles?



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