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Jodie Foster's forays into the director's chair, while quite steady, have never been particularly great. She seems to have toned down the acting a touch recently too with her own The Beaver, Poman Polanski's stage-to-screen adaptation Carnage and last year's Elysium her only credits over the last 6 years.

Foster also claimed to be removing herself from public life in her so-called coming-out speech at the Golden Globes last year but now it seems her financial disaster story Money Monster, which has been rumored for quite some time, might finally be on its way. Oh, and she wants George Clooney in the lead role.

The Wrap are reporting that Clooney is in the early stages of talks but have quoted his publicist Stan Rosenfield as saying:

This story is so premature, I would be embarrassed as a journalist to even print it

And embarrassed we are...

The plot- which concerns an insider trader turned celebrity money guru who is held hostage on air by someone who lost big from his tip- sounds like exactly the kind of big opinion stuff the out and out liberal could sink her teeth into and- with recent success for films like J.C. Chandler's Margin Call and Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street this year- there is certainly a taste for it in the air too.

Do you have the stomach for more financial vulgarity on screen? Let us know below.

More on this one as we get it... however sparse that proves to be...


This guy and Foster?


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