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Jon (Domhnall Gleeson) is a young aspiring musician, who finds out that he might have overextended himself a little when he joins the eccentric electro pop band of enigmatic lead singer Frank (Michael Fassbender). The latter has the bizarre habit of wearing a big fake head. Always...

But despite the papier-mache head, Frank manages to get beneath the mask of its eponymous antihero in a way that seems to combine absurdist laughter and tender tears. The art-rock result is something weird, wonderful, and utterly unique.

Check out this latest Frank clip and see if you'll be giving the movie a watch:

I really hope this film does justice to the legacy of Frank Sidebottom. I know it's not a biopic but I still think it has a responsibility not to diminish Sidebottom and Chris Sievey's memory before history has truly given them their due. Sidebottom was awesome, you know he was. He really was.

Either way, for those who like their movies to dance to a different beat, Frank looks like something rather exceptional. Will you be checking it out when it hits theaters August 22, 2014?


Frank looks...

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