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Karly Rayner

American high school movies might be known for their dog eat dog ethos, but the pranks that The Inbetweeners lads pull on each other put the bitchiest movie cheerleaders to shame.

The U.S.A. might have its impossibly groomed 'plastics' or its riotously irritating jocks, but Britain serves you a quad of belching, wanking, sex obsessed borderline compulsive liars for a bit of a change.

[The Inbetweeners 2](movie:1074968) will see our favourite lads take their erratic friendships on an advernture to Australia, and the clip below shows that they haven't lost any of their odious charm.

Psssssst, America! Let me let you into a little secret. I'm a Brit, and I have never seen anything that more accurately paints a picture of high school life in the UK than The Inbetweeners. The affectionate portrayal of a group of lads trying to escape unscathed from the trials of teenage life is an absolute triumph of comic observation.

I hear the American version sucked, but you should totally give the offering from across the pond a go. If you like cringing wildly while crying with laughter, this is for you.


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