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Last week we saw Zac Efron and Seth Rogen battle it out in frat-boy comedy [Neighbors](movie:401406), and in the end they BOTH won as the film took home $51.1mil at the box office this weekend. This week, however, we prepare ourselves to be terrified by the latest iteration of classic Japanese monster icon, [Godzilla](movie:45291).


Staring Breaking-Bad-Ass Brian Cranston and Kick-Ass star Aaron Taylor Johnson, I think we're all expecting good things. I've no doubt the reviews will soon be flooding in like this...

Tidal Wave!
Tidal Wave!

Looking forward to hearing all your thoughts on this. Here's what would be cool to see:

  • Comparisons (old vs new Godzilla- evolution in CGI)
  • Easter Eggs (anything we might have missed?)
  • Top List: '5 Reasons to See Godzilla' etc.
  • Fat Shaming: is Godzilla too big? Is he actually just a representation of the American obesity epidemic? Is he simply causing world-wide destruction because he's unhappy with his life?

The Immigrant

Joaquin Phoenix and Jeremy Renner battle it out for the affections of Marion Cotillard. The end.

I hadn't heard of this film until one of you lovely people brought it to my attention last week. It's probably missed the boat for the Oscar's season, but it certainly looks worthy of a viewing.

Million Dollar Arm

I knew Jon Hamm was a Mad Man....

Here he plays a sports agent who attempts to transform unknown Indian cricket players into major league baseball stars. For those of you who are wondering what cricket is...

You're wrong.
You're wrong.
It's this! Look at that arm!
It's this! Look at that arm!

Again, reviews are always appreciated- but if you want to delve a little deeper and come up with some original content, there shall be no complaints at this end. 'Best/Worst/Similar/Motivational Sports movies', 'Disney tear-jerkers'?

New Platforms

Looking for something new and exciting to write about? Why not try some of these trending topics:

  • Video game - Movie/TV (or vice versa). Xbox recently announced 7 original TV series based on some of their most well known games. We'd love to explore this and hear your thoughts including: fan castings/ a 'how to make this work' guide/ video games: the future/ more games you'd like to see adapted...
  • TV: the big bad networks have released their seasonal cancellations this week; are there any on this list you feel have been poorly represented/ deserve another chance? Or, are you a heartless monster like my good friend Ron Swanson?
Budget cuts are his porn
Budget cuts are his porn

Hopefully you've found some inspiration within this vortex of potential ideas. If not, I sincerely apologise and will aim to win your favor next week!


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