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Could it be true?! Rumor has it that Adam Driver's character in the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII will be the son of Han Solo and Leia Organa!

The rumor was reported by Jedi News, who claim an insider has leaked some plot points regarding the movie.

This is somewhat strange considering Driver has been said to be the villain of the film, unless they're going for a "prodigal son" thing. This would explain why we've been told that Harrison Ford will have a significant role in the first film. If his son has been seduced by the Dark Side, then it's going to take some paternal guidance to get him back on track.

The insider who leaked this rumor also claims that a focal point of the movie will be the attempt to rescue Driver's character, and we can probably count on Han Solo being the mentor coordinating the team (complete with the Millennium Falcon). This could also mean that Daisy Ridley, the female lead, could be tagging along in order to save her brother (that is, if she really is Han and Leia's daughter, but we still don't know for sure).

Of course, we can't get our hopes up until Lucasfilm either confirms or denies this!


Do you believe this rumor is true?

Source: Jedi News


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