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Two Can Keep A Secret If One Of Them Is Dead
Nikolas Hajiantonis

This is Alison DiLaurentis the main character in the television series [Pretty Little Liars ](series:201848) on ABC Family. She is portrayed by Sasha Pieterse. Not the book character. This article is for people who are about to start the series. Therefore it is based on the first season. However you will notice some of the characteristics in other seasons. There are no spoilers.

Alison was the Queen Bee of Rosewood's teenage society, who had been best friends with Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer. Except from the four girls, she was thought as manipulative, secretive, devilish and vindictive. However she was caring too and if you ever messed up with her girls you could get in a huge trouble. Her parents did not know the real Alison. They only knew their sweet girl who did what she wanted. Alison did not have a close relationship with her brother.

Despite her bad behavior towards people, she could also make them feel very special. Alison made you feel special in a way the she only could. This is mainly why she knew so many secrets about everybody but no one was ever able to learn her secrets. She kept many secrets from her friends but never let them keep any from her. Alison often used her friend's secrets to keep them under control. She spun a web of lies and secrets so tangled that her friends couldn't deal with "-A" after she was gone. I should also point out that nobody told a lie better than Alison which helped her create the amazingly tangled web of lies and secrets.

Alison had a lot of enemies. She was easily threatened by people who intimidated her. Her need for power got the best of her and often caused her to act cruel and selfish. Her fearless nature helped her to get back at her enemies in big ways. Alison was often using other people as tools in her manipulations. Some people thought of her as the devil behind an angel's face.

All this secrecy led her to her disappearance. She disappeared the night of September 1st, 2009. One year after her disappearance, Alison's body was found buried in the backyard of her old house. The autopsy states that she suffered a blow to the head and subsequently suffocated to death, with dirt being found in her lungs.

After all, I think that Ali was a misunderstood person. She was scared and she couldn't get out of this awful situation. Nobody was able to see her real self and understand what she was going through. If Alison was a real person I think I would have fallen in love with her. She is a character you have never seen in a series, book, movie or even real life, yet she is seems so real.


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