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Have you ever dreamed of the day those nerdy talents we all have will come in real use? Perhaps you're wondering how that zombie fighting expertise, your Klingon pronunciation or the countless hours of running around Azeroth could eventually come in handy... well short of the actual end of the world that is. Fear not! Finally, here are some ways to put your nerd core talents to real world uses or college fund opportunities, and some of them I couldn't believe!

#1 The Zombie Apocolypse Scholarship

Offered by: (also posted on California State University and other college websites)

If you have watched The Night of the Living Dead, Zombieland and The Walking Dead so many times that you have perfected your plan for a zombie apocalypse, then this one is for you.This scholarship offers $2000 towards the college education of a creative student. All you have to do to apply is write how your school or college might be in the event of a zombie apocalypse including how you would avoid and escape the zombies as well as the five most important things you would have with you. How awesome is that??

#2 The Penny Arcade Scholarship

Offered by: Penny Arcade (web comic) For “the student who shows the most potential to positively impact the game industry” (, this scholarship offers $10 000 towards college education to a student also looking to further a career in the industry whether that be game design, writing, visual cognition or testing. You can have any major to apply, all you need is the desire to work in the gaming industry after graduating.

Major League Gaming's E-sport arena in China
Major League Gaming's E-sport arena in China

#3 Professional Gaming Tournaments

Whether you love rocking out with Guitar Hero or getting into Call of Duty, there are professional level gaming tournaments of all kinds across the world. Halo, Star Craft, World of Warcraft, Far Cry, Diablo and many others all have their own dedicated tournaments. As reported on, Major League Gaming has just built the world's first e-sport stadium in China (not Japan?!) and at The International (one of the world's biggest gaming competitions), in 2013 a Swedish team playing Defence of the Ancients took home the largest prize in e-sport history – US1.4m ( Its a good time to be a pro gamer!

#4 Klingon Language Scholarship

This one is a little more specific but I had to put it in anyway. Since the motto of the The Klingon Language Institute (a fan based organisation) is “language opens worlds” they offer $500 to a member and student enrolled in a full time language course, and it can be an earth based language as well ;)

Just wanted to share these, I think its pretty awesome that nerd core is acknowledged more and more as a domain of skill and creativity – FTW!


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