ByTim Tinashe Marecha, writer at
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Tim Tinashe Marecha

With all the reboots and remakes were all getting now and in the near future, my question is, what is with the copying of materials, twisting it around a bit just to make some money?

Nolan is one of my favourite directors. I'm not a Nolan fanboy but I appreciate his originality, I mean Interstellar just screams "I still bring new ideas to the table!" I mean even a Power Rangers film is getting rebooted, what next? Scooby Doo?!

What happened to making NEW films with NEW plots with NEW and fresh premises, now we are just getting recycled plots.

Point Break, Power Rangers, Footloose, I could name you millions, the list just goes on. Why cant studios give us fresh ideas? Now its just about the money.


Do you think we have to many reboots?


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