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Quinn Trickel

Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, Howard and the gang are going nowhere anytime soon. Televisions No. 1 ranked prime-time comedy was given a rarely heard of "mega-deal" to renew for not one, but THREE seasons, bringing us no less than a 10 season run. (But hopefully many more!)

CBS Entertainment chairman Nina Tassler said in a statement Wednesday:

"Comedy is a big part of our schedule, and The Big Bang Theory is the biggest comedy force on television,"

Well, that's for sure... Ratings have soared for the Thursday night comedy, and even gained in the syndicated ratings on other stations. The fans who have no clue of what Sheldon is EVER talking about (That's probably at least 90% of us) can't seem to get enough! While many television shows with this long of a running have seen small declines and rebounds in the ratings, The Big Bang Theory is averaging 19.8 million viewers weekly, not allowing any other comedy to come close to taking its No. 1 ranking.

Will anything break the luck of these stars? Hopefully not! Without them, we would be forced to watch horrible reality television, and I for one, am hoping this mega-deal happens many times in the future.

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