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Zack Snyder has tweeted an image of the new Batmobile. The tweet came from Mr. Snyder's official account so there's no doubt of it's authenticity. In the tweet Mr. Snyder indicates that a full reveal of the design may come tomorrow?

Batmobile reveal tomorrow?
Batmobile reveal tomorrow?

This reveal will mark our first look at anything solid from [Batman vs. Superman](movie:711870) , the title of which is not yet locked down, apparently. Will it win us over? Since the announcement of Ben Affleck's casting as Batman, people have been divided on whether this sequel is such a good idea.

Personally I wasn't a fan of Man Of Steel. I thought it was miles away from the character I recognise as Superman, but it made money! Hence sequel. Batfleck I don't have a problem with. I respect Mr. Affleck and look forward to seeing what he has to offer. But I admit to being concerned about the addition of more characters. Wonder Woman and Cyborg so far, who's next? Will this movie be the "Iron Man 2" of DC movies? Sacrificing itself to setup future projects? It's no secret that DC want an Avengers style team up movie and the subsequent standalone properties, but is this the way to do it? What options do they have, if any?

Anyway, back to the car: from the little we can see, there are some similarities to what came before, there's some Tumbler in there, maybe even some 'Forever'! Will we ever see anything truly original ever again?

Probably not...

By Marc Godsiff

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