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Why isn't Bruce Timm being used? I really want to know! This guy was involved with DC for a while and had a hand in creating shows like Batman: Animated Series, Superman: Animated Series, Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited. He even had a part in creating Harley Quinn's character and Batman Beyond which even got their own comics. Why not use him? Here are some things he can do:

His insight

You guys all should know the animated Batman/Superman: World's Finest movie right? Give my "DC: What you could learn from your Animated Universes" a read when you get the chance. Anyway, WB should probably use the people who were involved with the first movie. He worked with Zack Snyder to make the Superman short, but why wasn't he involved in the Man of Steel movie?

Also, he knows these characters! Having the pleasant to get to know these character from creating and drawing comics as well as having a hand in creating characters like Harley Quinn... There's a lot that Bruce Timm can bring to the table.

They can't do it alone!

The problem people have is that Nolan, Goyer, and Snyder are the only ones that can make a DC movie (though there are certain people that other companies are holding on to.) My thing is... get multiple teams to do multiple movies, even though I know that is tough to do. Bruce Timm can be utilized in making these movies happen with the storyline, script, characters, or even just being attached to it. This brings me to my next point.

Put him in a movie, he can be the next Stan Lee!

I know I said he can produce, help with the script, and characters in the movie, but you know what.... HE CAN BE IN THE MOVIE!! He can just be any random extra in the movie that people will notice and that way he can be put on the map for sure! His career can definitely be boost more than it is.

Alright guys that's my article about Bruce Timm. Who knows, if he gets more recognition, he could make more comics along with new characters. If I'm correct he still works at Warner Brothers, so why not use him!?

What do you guys think? Leave a comment below and if you like, share!

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