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Lauryn Hamilton

Apparently all isn't well with Solange and Jay-Z. recently on an elevator Solange is shown to have attacked Jay-Z to the point the paparazzi had to pull her off. it's then shown for about a minute her yelling and at Jay-z being held back.

According to some sources, this happened at the Met Gala after party in NYC when Solange, Beyonce and Jay-z are shown stepping into the elevator. In the video the body guard standing by stopped the elevator temporarily while hoping not to get hit by a furious Solange.

No one knows what could have happened but when they got off the elevator it's shown Solange isn't hiding her anger while Beyonce is masking hers with a sweet smile.

It gets even better! As Jay-z was about to get into the car, he was told to get into another one nearby. What do you think? what could have made Solange go off like that, was she right for trying to fight?


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