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Chris Aaron Casey

Brad Pitt was the coolest pretty boy in the 90's and could probably command a team and have respect while maintaining his poise.

This role seems tailored for Arnold, from the accent to the physique.

Again because of the accent and physique Jean Claude Van Damme would have made the ragin' Cajun Pop Right out of the 90's Cartoon

I know I'll get sh*t for this but as a kid I always thought Richard Gere would be the perfect Magneto. Silver Hair but not too old. And a serious actor could've portrayed Magneto in a great fashion.

Who had a sharper tongue and a cooler demeanour than Christian Slater in the 90's? I mean he embodies what Bobby Drake/Iceman was all about.

The only redhead I think that could've pulled off the Phoenix look in those days. Sexy yet intimidating in a way.

What African American woman Is stronger (in acting and presence) than Angela Basset? She is my go to girl for Storm, beautiful and regal!

I'm sure you've all seen the picture and story going around about Mel Gibson and the Wolverine connection; watch him in Braveheart and The Patriot, hell even the Lethal Weapon movies and tell me he wouldn't pull of the ferociousness that is Wolverine!

Well that's my fancast! Tell me your opinions, or, if you have other choices let me hear 'em! Post 'em!


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