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Today we have so many superhero franchises and when I see The Marvel Cinematic Universe I smile and say, "Great job!" or the Amazing Spider-Man Series, and The New DC Cinematic Universe. But then I look at Fox's X-Men Universe and I say, "What a mess..." So it came to me about two weeks ago that in the future, I would love to write and direct (more than likely I won't) an X-Men reboot with the right characters, good story, and give both casuals and fans the X-Men they've wanted to see since the beginning.

Director: Joseph Kosinski

Title: The Astonishing X-Men

For some reason every reboot decides to put an adjective in the title from the comics so I figured why not Astonishing?

Characters: This is the important one because of the main problems with the X-Men series was the amount of character portrayed poorly or just not introduced.


Cyclops - MAIN CHARACTER - Mark Wahlberg

Gambit - Co-Main Character - Matt Smith

Professor X - Main Character - Ralph Fiennes

Rogue - Love Interest for Gambit - Emma Watson

Yes I know she's British but so are half of Hollywood superheroes.

Wolverine - Co-Main Character - Sam Worthington

Yes another Aussie...

Jean Grey - Love Interest for Cyclops - Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Storm - Co-Main Character - Zoe Saldana

Iceman - Co-Main Character - Josh Hutcherson

Nightcrawler - Main Character - ? This one's up to you.

Beast - Co-Main Character - Ewan McGregor

Shadowcat - Main Character - Abigail Breslin

Archangel - Co-Main Character - Joseph Gordon Levitt

Basically the movie will be like the Avengers where there will be equal development for all the X-Men but the main character and LEADER will be Cyclops.

Brotherhood of Mutants:

Magneto - Main Villain - Viggo Mortensen

  • Domino - Side Villain - ???
  • Pyro - Side Villain - ???
  • Sabretooth - Side Villain - ???
  • Mystique - Side Villain - ???
  • Quicksilver - Side Villain - ???
  • Scarlet Witch - Side Villain - ???
  • Blackwing - Side Villain - ???
  • Avalanche - Side Villain - ???
  • Juggernaut - Side Villain - ???
  • Toad - Side Villain - ???


Mutant Registration Department or MRD:

Warren Worthington II - Co-Main Villain - Gary Oldman

Senator Kelly - Co-Main Villain - Joaquin Phoenix

Story Synopsis:

Mutants have been noticed by mankind, some say they should be treated like any normal people but a large majority of humans fear this new species living amongst them. From this fear and the prejudice of Warren Worthington II and Senator Kelly, the Mutant Registration Department is being considered to be put into effect. Representing the Mutant Kind in the argument is Charles Xavier who has tried his hardest to prove that not all mutants are terrorists like the group known as the Brotherhood of Mutants led by the infamous Magneto AKA Erik Lensherr ((I know his name is Max Eisenhardt in the comics but I prefer the name Erik Lensherr)) who has lead many attacks against human corporations. Worthington and Kelly give Xavier one chance to prove that mutants can live with humans in peace or else they will begin to establish Marshall Law on all mutants. Xavier explains that he has put together a secret small group of powerful mutants to stop any attacks by any rebellious mutants or the Brotherhood called the X-Men. When Charles says this, five mutants in very distinguished uniforms enter the room and stand in the middle: Cyclops, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Gambit, and Beast. Cyclops stands up and speaks to the crowd of congressmen and congresswomen that they will help protect them, they may not be deputized by any form of government but they are the only chance of fending off the Brotherhood. Senator Kelly immediately replied by asking if these are who we want defending us: vigilantes. This makes the X-Men leave.

Meanwhile at Xavier's School for the Gifted, Storm and Rogue are teaching students such as Iceman and Nightcrawler how to fight in the danger room when the newest student Kitty Pryde entered, Storm is then assigned to teach her and after a battle against the other two mutants and obstacles, she is victorious. Throughout the story, the characters have to struggle with the fact that humans hate mutants, there is a romance between Kitty who dubs herself Shadowcat and Nightcrawler, Archangel joins the school events make the X-Men clash with each other IE: Wolverine's attitude makes him fight Cyclops, Rogue and Gambit split apart, Iceman is tempted to leave the X-Mansion, etc. The witnesses to all this are Shadowcat, Professor X, and Beast. The three give a speech which inspires the X-Men to work together and stop Magneto's plan. During the story, Xavier meets up with his old friend Erik and he explains that the Brotherhood will never stop, when the war begins he will kill any human who stands in his way. Magneto sends his Brotherhood to attack any humans who harm mutants, this causes Worthington and Kelly to initiate the MRD personnel who are trained military officers who assemble in Washington DC to defend Congress from the Brotherhood. To keep the X-Men from interfering, the Brotherhood attack the X-Mansion and destroy it, this is what causes the X-Men to fight each other until the three step in.

Throughout the story, Beast has mentioned a new transportation for their team and now was the time to test it, they enter a hangar to reveal the X-Jet. Cyclops recruits the help of Iceman, Nightcrawler, and Shadowcat because they are going to need all the help they can get. In DC, the Brotherhood of Mutants and the MRD aare at war with each when they hear the sound of a jet, this is when the X-Men arrive and with no choice they had to fight both the MRD and the Brotherhood in a huge ending battle. A few Brotherhood mutants die and the X-Men are badly wounded. The MRD and the Brotherhood retreat and the X-Men return to the X-Mansion where they sat in the front yard around a bonfire. Cyclops speaks of how they are not just a team, they are a family.

The story cuts to one year later, the MRD is being shut down thanks to Warren Worthington III, and the story ends with the X-Men standing in the newly X-Mansion to welcome new students to the school while Cyclops narrates: "Humans and Mutants are not going to live in peace, at least not yet. They are afraid, and that's not a bad thing. There are evil mutants out there but there is us, we'll always be there to protect the people, even the ones that hate us. Why? Because we're X-Men. Prejudice...just isn't our thing."

Like I said, the whole team will have equal development but the biggest characters are Cyclops, Charles Xavier, and Shadowcat. The Leader, the Mentor, and the Rookie. We get to see this story from all three perspectives and I think that will give an interesting look on the story. I wanted to give Wolverine less focus this time since Fox went all out with him last time with the current series but I will say this: this Wolverine is a lot angrier, lethal, and yes he's wearing the yellow suit. Let me know what you think of this story, now remember that I couldn't fit the entire story on here this is just a shortened version.


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