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Nicolas Carmona

"Sometimes the best tea cup is chipped".

After a horrendous second half we get to the end, something that felt out of place and out of time but it worked in many different ways.

**Will Contain Spoilers**

The second half of the season focused on Zelena, Regina’s half sister, and she was a horrible villain. Her motives were extremely weak, the plot left a lot to be desired and it was very predictable. However, at the last episode of the season we encounter a story that is very set apart from the rest of the season and it focuses on the overall theme of the season, home. Emma realizing that Storybrooke and her family are home and that going back to New York is a bad decision.

But to get there we first have to go back in time, on an episode very much like back to the future we see Emma and Hook in the past trying to restore the course of history and them trying to return back home. They meet a lot of the usual characters from Charming and Snow, to Red and Rumplestilskin; their cover was one of the best things that has happened in the episode, as a big star wars fan bringing princess Leia was great. We little by little see Hook’s and Emma’s relationship bring them closer and bring out things they needed to know, Hook acknowledging that he needs to accept what he has done and give some guidance to Emma, who learns that missing something after you’ve had it is the best way to find out what you really care about.

So granted, the whole episode felt like a fill in, more to bring closure to that side of the story for Emma and Storybrook (and also hooking her up with Hook, no pun intended). It also brought Mr. Gold and Belle together and brought us some of the most beautiful quotes of the episode, and also it gave us a pissed off Regina (but I still believe that she and Robin will be together, death will come to the new girl). So what can we expect from this episode, really was a to see what was going to come, what will season four be about. We start getting an idea when we get into Mr. Gold’s chamber of darkness (I guess?) where he keeps things even he is afraid of, and when Emma and Hook return to Storybrooke, something goes along with them. The last seconds of the episode were probably the bests where we see the new villain taking shape and through the whole moment and I was like, "who could it be?!?!... Still no idea… It’s a girl…could it… Elsa?...OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG It is!!?!?! They brought her to OUAT!!! Holy crap!!!" Season four will be very interesting (especially because even Rumple fears her power) and just like that I screamed like a fangirl.

So with this we get what really the episode led to, to give us possibly the strongest villain the series has seen and on top of that something very unexpected (I love that Disney owns ABC) because in interviews they said they thought of bringing her but not yet (liars!). Hopefully she will be a much better villain than Zelena and at least match Pan (so far my favorite).


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