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I know I started the format of talking about each individual POV for the episode, sort like they do it on the show and in the books. But last night’s episode was very special, mainly because we got half of it in random stories (well not random but you know what I mean) and the other half focused on Tyrion’s trial.

**Will Contains Spoilers**

**Will Contain Book Spoilers**


I am grouping these three stories outside of King's Landing, we begin with a really cool shot of Drogon barbecuing some sheep which brings up Daenerys having to deal with her new kingdom. I personally see that these are the first signs that she is not fit for ruling, she makes too many decisions with her heart and not for what's best for the kingdom. We also get Davos and Stannis in Braavos, finally we get to see the city and we also get it added to the opening sequence; they claim that Stannis is the rightful heir and that investing in them and Westeros, a smarter choice than Tywin and the lions. Lastly we get Yara rescuing Theon, which doesn’t go well, Reek is still mistrustful and paranoid of everything; not sure how they are doing this part of the story, the Kraken is supposed to die soon and this will change this setting, this POV is the one that feels the most out of place, given that we don’t see Reek in the books until aFfC and aDwD.


There is a small scene about the council dealing with other issues around the world, mainly Daenerys is a hot topic but they don’t really do anything. We also see that Varys doesn’t desire anything and all that he wants to focus is on the throne. But then we are treated to the main meal of the episode, the trial; we see a bunch of people telling past accounts of Tyrion threatening Joffrey directly or indirectly. We have Cercei saying one of the best quotes that Tyrion has given “A day will come when you think yourself safe and happy, and suddenly your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth, and you’ll know the debt is paid;” and we also have a possibly the biggest lie anyone has told in the show, grand master ”…used to strike down the most noble child the gods ever put on this good Earth” (like really did anyone believe that?!?! why did he think saying that was a good idea?!?! this was hilarious).

We get to the last two witnesses, both who betrayed Tyrion, Varys says a few words and Tyrion asks him one question, if he forgot what he said about Tyrion when he saved Kingslanding from Stannis; which leads me to believe this is when Varys will repay Tyrion with helping him later on, if you have read the books you now what this is about and possibly my most anticipated scene of the season. There is a break and Jamie asks to spare Tyrion and his father agrees as long as Jamie becomes the heir to Castely Rock, this I don’t remember if it happened in the book but it is very interesting how Jamie is willing to do this for his brother, I always like their dynamic and their chemistry. We then get Shae lying her ass off on how Tyrion and Sansa plotted to kill Joffrey and spilled the beans that she was his whore.

And so we get to Peter Dinklage’s Emmy moment, after Shae talks he cannot resist himself and ignores Jamie’s help. He goes on about how he wished he was the monster they wanted him to be, how he wished that he had killed Joffrey; but instead he saved everyone and since it doesn’t matter if he is innocent or not, his fate is already decided; and thus he requests trial by combat. This was a very powerful scene and it shows that GoT shines the most when Dinklage shines the most and what is coming will shock everyone that hasn’t read the books.


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