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When it comes to killer kids, there are a handful of standbys that every horror fan defers to: Damien from The Omen, little knife-wielding Michael Myers from Halloween, or maybe if they branch out, Macauley Culkin creeping it up in The Good Son. But really... How boring. Sure, these kids were scary little jerks, but why rely on the old standards when there is a literal WEALTH of murdering ankle-biters in Horror Land! Here are a few of my favorite, lesser known homicidal rug rats. Good luck procreating after you watch these classics!

Not included: Movies where the kid ends up not being an actual kid, movies where the child is actually a vampire and really 75 years old, movies everyone has already discussed to death, or movies where the killer is only a child for a prologue and spends the rest of the movie as an adult. (Also, for the sake of spoiler nazis, I have been kind enough not to include movies where the kid being the killer is the twist. YOU'RE WELCOME, SPOILER SNOBS!)

Rhoda as the original child from hell in The Bad Seed (1956)

A ghostly little girl with murderous intent in Kill Baby, Kill (1966)

The human-flesh feasting Merrye "kids" in Spider Baby (1968)

A sexy teenager who hates hippies in Girly (1970)

Jodie Foster as a loner with a secret in The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane (1976)

The grown-up hating Island Kids in Who Can Kill a Child? (1976)

The snow-suited mutant rage babies from The Brood (1979)

The ghost miner minors in Wicked Little Things (2006)

The busload of differently-abled zombie kids from Trick-r-Treat (2007)

The bloody creepy British tots in The Children (2008)

The sociopathic teens in Eden Lake (2008)

The creepy twins (when aren't twins a little creepy though?) in Home Movie (2008)

The kids who make a couple rethink impending parenthood in Come Out and Play (2012)

*Note: This is actually a remake of Who Can Kill a Child? but it will have a similar effect on you...

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